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Big Sky Resort- The Biggest Skiing in America

Big Sky Resort is truly considered as the biggest skiing in America. Estimated that it has total 5,850 skiable acres including 4350 vertical drop, 4,350 vertical feet and 34 chairlifts. It is famous for Big Mountain terrain and tram. So it is a wonderful place for skiing if you live in America. Besides skiing, you can use other services in this resort such as luxury hotels, condominiums or cabins. Sometimes the resort has vouchers with free tickets for kids of ages 10 and younger.

Located between Bozeman and West Yellowstone, Big Sky Resort brings you wonderful experiences in splendor places and friendly the environment.

Coming the big sky resort, you will be provided ski passes, ski storage and even ski lessons for beginners. It has enough high quality service to assure that customers will be completely satisfactory in skiing passion.

One strong point of big sky resort is offering rugged trails and miles of open space covered heavy snowfall yearly. You are free to ski anywhere and any positions in this resort. Whether you are a professional skier or only the first time to start skiing, it’s easy to find suitable place for you. Don’t hesitate to discover the beauty and vastness of the big sky resort.

Actually, big sky resort becomes the biggest skiing in America because of combination some main factors as the followings:

Unfathomable Space to Ski: Referred above, big sky resort has massive terrain and vertical drop which no mountain can compete in rank first. It is invested by the most modern technology and innovation so it has no lift lines and more slope time. Designed 4 high speed in Shedhorn and 6 high speed in powder seeker so that this resort can serve large amount of customers during the cold winter