Mac Bohonnon announced his retire from the US ski

During his career of 12 years, Mac Bohonnon has won 9 World Cup medals and 3 golds, appeared in two Olympic. However, recently he has just officially retired from his US Ski Team.

Mac approached skiing from when he was just 18 months old, even though he was born near the beach. When he first came to ski, he started with free style. He can do jumps in the backyard, on the side of ski runs or over the road. He actually joined his brother and cousin in their first program in Bromley, and that built up his love for freestyle of ski.

World Cup champion Mac Bohonnon at the New York Gold Medal Gala, 2016. (Tom Kelly)

Mac has tried everything else from then on in Brompley, big air, slopestyle, and moguls. After that, he joined in some regional competitions in the Southern of Vermont and gradually, he realized his special love for jumping in free style.

Years after, he was recruited by Dmitriy Kavunov, a coach in Lake Placid. Mac left his parents to pursue his dream of becoming a moguls skier just when he was in the eight grade. But fortunately, he made the right choice, as he love this sport. Here he met amazing aerial skiers who are his friends and his family then.

However, Mac almost quit his job in the summer of 2011 when his physical body grew up, made him crooked and it was bad for the sport he is playing. He tried to work out the way to form his body and fit with the poses he did, but his body kept on growing. When Mac was 16, he was recruited to the national team, after he was struggling with his difficulty.

From his decision, Mac has achieved tremendous things in his career. He had so many expectations before his participation in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. However, the Olympic in Pyongchane ended with no medals for the US team. Mac then knew that he needed to recharge, and he decided to have a season off in 2018-2019 season. He shared that he still gets hopes and expectations, but bitterly realizes that his best days can never come back.

Furthermore, he also admitted that he still has a lot of interesting things to spend time on, rather than with the US team only. He then decided to quit the US Team, giving chances for young aerialists. He expressed his gratitude during the time with the team, for what he had learned during that time, and for all what he achieved thanks for the time as well.