Mikaela Shiffrin cope with haters on social media by ignorance

Being one of the most influential stars in sports on Earth, Mikaela Shiffrin really dominant the world in her own field. However, like in any other aspects, when you are famous and too successful, you need to cope with hatred from anti-fans, and this situation is also true to the ski racing female star.

From the retirement of Lindsey Vonn, no reason for not accepting Mikaela to be the biggest star in ski racing at the moment. This year, when she turns 24 years old, Mikaela has just proved this with her championship in World Cup skiing this season.

Going along with the reputation and the extended fandom, she needs to use social media to communicate with fans, and that’s how she also needs to deal with haters. Social media is always a two-faced knife, which brings her closer to the fans, but also makes her vulnerable with trolls and negative comments from anti-fans.

Lately, she has shown her sympathy for the Australian Football Player Tayla Harris after the incident on social media, when this player was sexually abused through a picture. Unfortunately, this evoked many negative reactions. Nonetheless, Mikaela shared that she chooses to ignore those hatred, as no one can please everybody.

She loves the freedom of speech, expression and opinion. The hate comments aim to hurt you and get you down, and because you cannot stop them, you can choose to ignore them. You are still hurt, but it is useless to feel upset and fall in crisis with the haters.

This season, Shiffrin made a record of 17 World Cup races and achieved a third crown with a fourth world title. With all of the achievements, she becomes the fifth in the list of most successful ski racers of all time, besides Annemarie Moser-Proll, Marcel Hirscher, Vonn and Ingemar Stenmark.

Shiffrin succeeded to blur the boundaries between genders and generation in ski racing. She believes that there is no different in the chance of getting the power in the world for men or women, but it takes time to complete the shift in perception. She is really confident to say that she can never feel shy to be compared with any man in sport.

From the day she was 16 in 2012, Shiffrin became famous gradually in ski racing, and she has no reason to regret about her choice. With ski racing, she bloomed as a person, got out of her shell, and became more confident. Nobody is perfect, so there is no reason to get pains from haters. The most important thing is just be yourself, and love what you do.