ski and snowboard

Patent and ingenious in Native American skiing

The skiing was an invention of the First Nations people of northeastern Canada and the sled criticized the engine to survive the harsh. That’s long winters far north. The first Indian hunter built snowmobiles made of bark to perform games on the snow.

Inuit people are used to make sled of the maxilla. Otherwise, the skate is made of hickory pieces, or maple pieces with curved human interfaces. The word cree for the skiing is utabaan.

In the early 1990s, Tonya Harding was seen as a “treasure” of American figure skating. She won the American skiing championship and then the silver at the world championships in 1991.

Not only that, this girl is also one of the few people who have successfully performed “triple axel”. It was one of the very difficult techniques of skating at that time.

In 1994, Tonya and her colleague Nancy Kerrigan were classified as competing against. Each other get the only ticket to attend the Winter Olympics. A big scandal occurred when Nancy broke her leg at the National Figure Skating tournament.

Tonya Harding is one such example. In addition to her talent for skating, she herself also had to go through the hard working days. Along with that, is the somewhat authoritarian containment of a harsh biological mother.

For an athlete, courage and mentality are always the most important factors, deciding success or failure in competition. Tonya Harding is talented – making two three spins at the age of 15.

Tonya also loves ice skating. She cried and shook off her honor to beg to continue sticking with the ice rink.

Tonya’s scandal is still mixed with controversy. But the point that no one can refute. It is Tonya’s determination to overcome difficulties outside of life to create sublimation in sports