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Review about Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

What do you do in the winter? Someone choose staying at home and keeping warm. Besides it, someone prefer to go outside and enjoy outdoor activities which only appear in the winter.

If you intend to go out, you shouldn’t miss this following article. We share review about Mount Bohemia Ski Resort which is considered as the best choice to relax in the winter.

About location, it is on the top of the Keewenaw Peninsula in the northern Michigan. This is a home-resort, especially popular in the winter. It is covered by 270 inches of snow and freezing temperatures therefore it has about 900 feet of vertical for cat-skiing.

In general, the landscape around this resort seems natural and peaceful. It is surrounded by three sides of the Superior lake, so sometimes this resort can be affected by lake-storms.

For some professional skiers or talented skiers, Mount Bohemia Ski resort should be highly recommended as the best place to practice with more serious terrain or remote sports. It has also a deep, low-density powder and steep to make more difficult obstacles for your trip. At there, you have great experience as well the mellowest run for skiing.

For travel at this resort, you should use a car. Sure that your car has enough four-wheel and some extra spare part to repair any error during the road. It’s better when you prepare for a good playlist and some foods such as snacks, fruits or a grill. After hours of skiing hard, you should add more energy to recover and continue to other activities at this Resort.

If you expect a more interesting skiing trip, can you choose far skiing option on the mountain where the location is comparatively steep and narrow glades. At this resort, there is car service from this resort to take and pickup you. You feel comfortable and satisfactory with caring service in there.