ski in Montana

Ski challenge in Colorado

The United States with a large area stretches, it is full of sea terrain, rainforests, to even snow-capped mountains of snow covered in meters thick. Colorado is famous for its skiing activities, attracting thousands of people every year.

Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed skiing, I learned skiing when I was little, about 3 years old. I remember my parents taking my two sisters to ski in Colorado during the long cold winter.

And by the time I graduated from high school, I was able to slide the zoom down style and turn around like black diamonds.

Cáp treo lên núi tuyết ở Colorado

But then I gradually forgot that hobby. My parents were no longer excited about skiing, my friends didn’t play that game either, and the annual winter breaks I used to work. As I got older and growing afraid of the cold, I became afraid to go out in contact with cold snow.

Or sometimes when it starts to snow, I will flee to tropical lands to enjoy the warm sunshine instead of going to the mountains.

Over the past two years, a friend of mine named Ryan wholeheartedly asked me to go skiing in Colorado, at Keystone Resort, although I tried to refuse.

“I’m abroad!”, I reasoned. But then I had no reason to refuse, so I finally nodded. After buying loads of things to stay warm as if I were going to Antarctica, I took a flight to Colorado.

The feeling of skiing for the first time in 11 years is strange. But it was also interesting. At first it was pretty bad, I couldn’t stand on the snowboard.

Trượt tuyết phù hợp với cả người lớn và trẻ nhỏ

But after that, I got used to the glide and the uneven road sections. The following day, I had a few excellent performances!

The first day I had to hire a ski instructor and also fell several times. But it turned out that those falls were just normal. Because the next day is really a terrible day.

When I was sliding down the mountain slope, my skateboard slipped out of my shoes. And I roll like a giant snowball. Believe me, that feeling is not good.