ski in Montana

Ski Montana- A good place for skiing in the winter

In the cold winter, skiing is always the best activity outside which are loved and popular in USA, especially Montana. In vacation in winter, the family tend to arrange a trip to ski resort to take a rest and enjoy skiing on the snow. It’s beneficial and good for both health and mental.

If you are planning to have a ski in Montana, I highly recommend you Ski Montana which is considered as the most perfect skiing place in the winter.


In general, there are lots of mountains in Montana with expansive wilderness. Although population of Montana is extremely lower than other cities, they offer the most number of skiing resort. Estimated that there are approximately 18 big ski resorts in there. Compared with the population, people have various choice to find the most proper skiing place.

In almost skiing places, they are created and modernize lift tickets as well other amenities. So they seems developed and stable for this original plan. They usually build up caters to all ability levels with the big infrastructure as well some accommodation, restaurants and off-slope activities.

Some famous skiing places in Montana like: Big Sky, Moonlight Basin, Snowbowl (near the city of Missoula), Bridger Bowl (closer to Bozeman) or Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Drawback of Montana Skiing

Although almost ski places in Montana have good infrastructure as below referred, they still exit some drawbacks which prevent skier to visit there more and more. If they can repair this problem in the next period, sure that there are huge number of skier to go and stay longer.

Firstly, lack of skier and boarder traffic. It means that the skiing roads are not plenty or various for your skier’s demand. It only limits short lift lines whereas many expert expects more dangerous lift lines.

Secondly, the cost for ticket as well other service like accommodation, equipment rentals and food is cheap. It means that it doesn’t suit to the rick. They should separate into other demands and other quality to serve more walk of life.