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Ski travel experience in America

Snowkiting is exactly what it sounds like you are being passed by a kite through the snow. However, the kite looks like a small parachute and functions as a sail.

Book your tickets to san francisco and put your helmet and strap on a harness that is connected to a kite. The wind will push you through snow and ice – and even into the air. You can go extremely fast. Experienced snowmen can reach speeds of up to 100 km per hour.

Lake New England, which often freezes in winter, is one of the best places to try this sport. Current hotspots include Lake Winnipes Bolog and Lake Chocorua in New Hampshire, Lake Moosehead in Maine and Lake Champlain in Vermont.

If you are new to skiing, it’s best to learn from the experts. Hardwater Kites in North Conway, New Hampshire, offers ski lessons, safety tutorials and equipment.

Members of the ski instructor’s certified staff are familiar with the northern New England backcountry. North Conway is located in rural New Hampshire, 220 kilometers from Boston, Massachusetts and 74 kilometers from Lake Winnipes Bolog.

Snow pipes are a simple and a bit silly way to get down the mountain. It was also fun. You sit in a tube and let gravity push you down the mountain. This family-friendly experience can be found across the United States

The centerpiece of the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania is home to the Mount Camelback resort, arguably America’s largest snow tube park. This resort features 42 pipe lanes and two other magic carpet carousels to bring you and your pipes back to the top.

The snow tube between the week and nonholiday is unlimited. If you want to ride a tube down the waterslide, Camelback offers that too at the indoor water park.

The water park is part of Camelback Lodge, a new facility at the foot of Camelback Mountain. Opened in spring 2015, the hostel has 453 rooms, three restaurants and several fast food stalls. The resort is about 150 km from New York City and about 160 km from Philadelphia.