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The “scariest” skiing spot in the world

Downhill skiing is ranked top in sports not for the faint of heart.
Skiing, or specifically, cross-country skiing, participants use skis and canes. They push themselves through snow-covered terrain areas, often on bulldozed roads.

This sport is popular in places with large snow fields, mostly in North America and Canada. It is a healthy sport, because it uses many different muscles of the body, so it is often encouraged to exercise.

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Despite a long tradition, it was not until the 1970s that this top sport was approved for the list of compulsory sports in the Winter Olympics. In recent years, downhill skiing is attracting a lot of attention of adventure athletes. And they want to test their perseverance.

Referring to the downhill, people immediately picture the snow-covered mountains. And the athlete will have to perform the virtuosity of movement on the inconceivable slope.

Their destination is the pass across the pass. Even the foot of the pass with more flat terrain. However, disasters can strike them at any time. Snow, skiing, or even equipment failures are the cause of death in this dangerous sport.

Recently, the F1 master, Michael Schumacher, also tried skiing and he had to go into a coma for a long time after a serious accident injury. For the same reason, the leadership of adventure sports always recommends that amateur players do not attend this adventure game.

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And let’s try thrilling with Cody Townsend, 31, from California in a skiing phase with nerves of steel in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska, USA. This is one of the planet’s scariest skiing spots.

Cody Townsend told the Daily Mail that he was nervous before making the most dangerous slip in his life. The ravine has a width of less than 2m, making him really clever to avoid hitting deadly cliffs.