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Top 10 Ski Resorts in the Midwest

Ski season is officially coming soon in the Midwest which means the local are finding skiing resort. These resorts include variety of skis downhill, eating BBQ outside, or romantic lodgings, cozy bonfires, as well pampering spa treatments for the women.

If you expect one resort with enough service, enjoying this article to see rank of the 10 best ski resorts in the Midwest part 2.

7/ Granite Peak

You take 4.5 hours from Chicago to this resort. It means about 274 miles.

Located in Mountain State Park, Wausau, this resort offers more room to ski for other levels. If you come with a crowded group, don’t worry because it is spacious to serve your team.

This resort is a convenient complex with enough service such eating, staying or entertainment besides skiing is the greatest.

8/ Chestnut Mountain

You take 3 hours from Chicago to drive car to this resort. It means the distance is about 162 miles from Chicago. This time is completely valued to enjoy a weekend with skiing and other entertainments in the Chestnut Mountain resort.

This resort is regarded as one of top Midwest vacation spots which has plenty of action outside and on-site Sunset Grille from the resort. So you should consider to visit there.

Ski bus is convenient to travel around this resort as well Chestnut city. In general, this resort has an attractive spot with playing golf, visit a Segway tours and river cruises. You see another beauty of Chestnut.

9/ Cascade Mountain

Distance from Chicago to Cascade is 177 miles in 3-hour driving. It is in the Northwest in Portage, WI. In the spacious terrain parks, you are interesting in jumping freely and comfortably.

Cascade is well known for the longest S-rail in America. In night, you see a new coat of this resort. It becomes romantic and peaceful with colorful lights like a party mountain.