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Top 10 Ski Resorts in the Midwest

The skiing season officially starts from early Oct to the end of March in Midwest in USA. This time is perfect to enjoy outside activities as skiing or snowboarding. The weather seems perfect to have a fun with ski.

If you are planning some place for your family holiday, this article will consult good ideas about top 10 ski resorts in the Midwest. It is not far from Chicago so it’s convenient to travel to ski resorts for skiing and eating BBQ in the winter.

1/ Alpine Valley

From Chicago, it takes 1.45 hours to move to Alpine Valley ski resort. Total distance is about 90 miles. This resort become one of the most popular ski place in the Midwest. It has been built up enough infrastructure with enough service: skiing for all walk of age, complex of restaurant and entertainment center.

2/ Cascade Mountain

Located in Northwest in Portage, it takes 3 hours to drive car from Chicago to Cascade Mountain. Although the distance is further than other ski resort, you have opportunity to get unforgettable experience for adventurous terrain. All hills and high top of mountain make many lands and space to ski freely.

If you are lazy to move by car or walking, you can use snow tube to instead of other vehicles.

Furthermore, this resort has decorated restaurant on the mountain in nights beautifully with full of colorful lights. Make sure that it doesn’t let you down.

3/ Chestnut Mountain

Located in Galena, it takes 3 hours to drive car from Chicago to Chestnut Mountain. The final distance is about 162 miles as the way to Cascade Mountain. But this ski resort has different features for you to prefer it.

The complex of Chestnut is considered as one of top vacation spots in Midwest because of the high service. After skiing activities, you can enjoy dinner with steak and pizzas on the hill forwarding to view of Mississippi River.