Benefit of skiing

Top 10 the best benefits of skiing

(PART 2)

As referred from Part 1, skiing brings us many benefits both mental health and physicals. If Part 1, the article almost focuses on explaining detail about health benefits such as improving flexibility among parts in body, strengthening bones and joints or pushing your mood better, the next part 2 will introduce more practical functions of skiing which relates more to muscle and endurance.

4/ Improving cardiovascular endurance better

As far as we know, cardiovascular disease is one of the most serious problems of health. If cardiovascular is not good, it will badly affect to respiratory disease, intestinal disease so on.

So keeping your heart and cardiovascular system fine and stable is necessary.

Skiing with various endurance activity like aerobic helps your heart and lung breathe regularly by walking up or down the slope. If you are hard to ski every day, your cardiovascular system maintains level of exercise and keeps part inside better and better.

5/ Strengthening lower body muscles

Besides strengthening bones and joints, skiing also improves your lower body muscles well. It is analyzed detail that when you ski on snows, you have to act body parts inside and outside flexibly. You also sit down and up constantly so your thighs, hamstrings, quads are active and practiced.

By anyway, your legs burns calories without notifying you. Further your muscles becomes stronger and more endurable.

6/ Getting balance and core strength better

To ski on snow successfully, the first study is staying balance on the skateboard. Then, getting balance will help you to adjust the skiing road to resist slips and falls.

Another factor is agility. You can practice more flexibility when you solve situation fast during skiing travel. It can be overcoming obstacle in the snow roads or avoiding another friend in skiing. Via other cases, you feel balance and core strength better.