skiing tips

Top accessories you need to prepare for a skiing trip

Skiing is a wonderful water sport for everyone in the winter. This time is perfect to ski on the snow. This sport makes you be close to the nature as well brings benefits for health and spirits.

To have a safe skiing trip, you need to follow instructions from the coach as well prepare accessories carefully before take action. In this article, we will share top accessories which you need to have for a skiing trip. Following it if you have intention to join skiing in this winter.

1/ Sunscreen.

Don’t think that the sun in the winter is good for your skin. Actually, the sun only provides vitamin D from 6am to 10am. After this time you can be burned your skin. Therefore, you should use sunscreen 30 minutes before you go out for skiing.

Sunscreen can protect your skin under the reflective snow or several diseases about skins.

2/ Base layers.

Base layers can help you to keep warmer. When skiing, you have to be under the cool a long time, you need to keep warm to avoid the flu. One tip is you should wear more thin clothes than one deep cloth. Or you should choose material with moisture wicking like merino wool, polypropylene. Although it is thin, it is better for your skin.

It’s better to avoid cotton and jeans because it makes wetter in your skin.

 3/ Snow pants and jacket.

For the outer layers, they are important to keep you warm and dry when moving on snow. So, you should choose good material. If you worry about the cost, you can rent it at rental shops or resorts. It can save your cost dramatically. Or you have intent to do skiing many times, you can purchase it and re-wear. As my recommendation, it can save more money